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Meet The Founder


Hey, I’m Cass

I started #girlgetafterit after struggling to find a group of women I truly connected with - nobody wanted to do anything good for their bodies, no one wanted to talk about the shit that actually mattered, and no one wanted to get after what it truly meant to be healthy. What started as a selfish act, soon turned into a women’s wellness community i could only dream of. each and every person i’ve met in this space has taught me something new and brought something incredible to this community. thanks for being a part of it!


meet your Ambassadors

a girl is only as strong as her squad. meet the incredible women who are changing the face of wellness. the #girlgetafterit community is truly lucky to have them on our team.

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Meet Shanna

life + biz coach for entrepreneurial women and host of The Self Soul Sport Podcast

Based in New York City, I love connecting with fellow girlbosses and owning the concrete jungle. To me, getting after it means living your best life unapologetically and boldy - from pursuing a life of passion, cultivating a supportive network, and making money doing what you love! You can find me on Instagram keepin it really real or on my website where i shares all of the things!


Meet Nicole

yoga instructor, photographer + lifelong learner at nicole wild collective

I am building a life and career based off of my passions, which I believe is the ultimate masterpiece. Between photography, teaching yoga classes and workshops, planning retreats and hosting my annual event called EDGE, my hands and heart are full. I often feel overwhelmed for how lucky I am to live this life, and the remedy for that is to give back tenfold all that I’ve received. At the end of the day, all I really care is that I am doing my part to make myself, this community, the world a better place


Meet Diana

photographer, graphic designer and girlboss entrepreneur at diana davis creative

I moved from Montana to New York City a little over 3 years ago which means I'm officially a hustler, and What better way to describe #GGAI than HUSTLE. I have #girlgetafterit sticker pasted on my laptop keyboard just to remind me to keep going. I believe if you don't put yourself out there whether it be in fitness, career or in life, you're just going to be stagnant. My life embodies #girlgetafterit and I'm so proud to be a part of this badass, girlboss community


Meet alena

Strength/Conditioning Coach and Creator of Training2XL

i’m a retired college athlete turned strength coach, passionate about training humans to excel in sport and in life. I’m a Big fan of sweating, connecting with like-minded people, mermaids and soft serve ice cream with sprinkles (yup). To me, getting after it means making mindful efforts to get better every day and never letting anyone tell you that you can't do something - if you want something, go get it!


Meet Clara + Kaitlyn

clara of revolutionary lifestyle and kaitlyn of the wellness script

Clara and Kaitlyn hail from Butte, Montana, where they co-lead and facilitate the Butte squad - a #girlgetafterit sweatworking group that brings like-minded women together to move their bodies and connect with a group of local, badass women


meet brooke

pure barre instructor + missoula squad leader

Brooke is a school speech therapist, pure barre teacher, group fitness fanatic, and outdoor enthusiast living in beautiful Missoula, Montana.  She loves building her local community, sweating it out with her girl squad, and getting after it!


interested in joining the squad?
we accept a limited number of ambassadors every year. if you think you’re a good fit, please apply here.