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Our Mission:


More than just a hashtag….We're a wellness movement bringing women together through sweatworking events, worldwide campaigns and gear that gives back.


Our Impact

through the power of one simple hashtag, nationwide events, and fundraising efforts by supporters worldwide, the #girlgetafterit community helps women everywhere find strength in themselves to truly get after what it means to be healthy.



nonprofits supported

We partner with over 10 nonprofits a year to make a difference in the lives of women and young girls everywhere.



Years Serving communities

through events, fundraising efforts, social media campaigns, and gear that gives back, this community is on a mission to change the world .



simple hashtag

#girlgetafterit is more than just a hashtag.
it’s a movement.


Our gear

this community believes in the power of giving back.
that’s why 10% of all proceeds from #girlgetafterit gear go directly to support a nonprofit that empowers women and young girls everywhere.

more than just a hashtag. it’s a movement.


this month’s featured organization:

girls inc.


Get Involved

a girl is only as strong as her squad.

whether it’s repping our gear, giving back to this community, attending an event, following us on Instagram, or joining the squad, we can’t thank you enough for your support in furthering this movement.


shop our gear

10% of all profits go directly to a featured nonprofit who’s supporting women and young girls everywhere.

attend an event

attend an event near you to help foster a wellness community that matters. Don’t see one close? Contact us here to be our next host!

join the squad

apply to our amazing squad of ambassadors who are creating community, igniting healthy change, and empowering women everywhere.


it’s a movement

community matters now more than ever.
it’s about taking a step outside your comfort zone, trying new things, and meeting new people. it’s about getting after what it truly means to be healthy.

founder / cassidy wendell